Upgrade your grooming salon with the most powerful management software.

Collar is the #1 all-in-one grooming salon software. Manage bookings, eliminate no-shows and increase revenue with minimal effort.

Game-changing tools.
One seamless experience. 

Collar is designed for all pet grooming salons of any scale. Manage everything from bookings and payments to customer relations and staff. Become renowned for going above and beyond - with half the effort.

Automated booking & scheduling.

Collar's booking tool saves you time where it matters. Accept bookings, take deposits and process payments automatically on your website or our app. Set your availability and let Collar do the heavy lifting for you.


Interactive client communication

Unlock the power of interactive instant messaging; Send owners automated reminders, terms of service, ready-to-collect notifications or a video of their pooch in bubbles.

Comprehensive pet profiles

Be informed about any pet's grooming history, treatment records and temperament before you accept a booking; always up-to-date, with a click of a button.

Detailed grooming reports

Record key service details; everything from a pet's coat condition to a recommended brushing routine; Ensure pet owners are in the know, while you have all the information you need for their next appointment.

E-Commerce, Included.

Expand your offering and boost your income with our powerful easy-to-use e-commerce module. List products, process orders and collect payments, as you manage bookings, without switching tabs.

Branded online store

No Website? No Problem. Present your brand, take bookings and kickstart your online presence with your in-app or web storefront, automatically created for you with your account from day one.

And 20+ additional features designed specifically for groomers.

Delivering an all-round experience that puts the pet back into pet care.

Collar is the only platform designed to deliver a collaborative approach to pet care. Our pet-centric design allows information to be easily accessible to the teams that need it; eliminating information silos.

Works in synergy with our mobile app, used by thousands everyday.

The Collar mobile app offers pet owners a modern way to engage with their favourite care providers. Users can book services, chat with staff, access reports, receive key reminders and keep their pet profiles updated.

We have been impressed by Collar from day one” 
Our business model requires a variety of ways in which customers can book our different services. Not only is the team approachable, prompt and knowledgable, but they have also devised a platform that understands the needs of our hybrid business."
Hannah Mead
Business Owner
Our bespoke platform within the app transformed the way we work.
Collar has created a simple and effective platform for us to easily connect with our clients, send out veterinary reports and make automated charges for our services."
Dr. Martin Cameron Clarke 
Chief Vet & Business Owner
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Join industry-leading pet businesses pushing boundaries and shaping pet care with Collar.

Transferring from another software? We offer a complementary data transfer service to ensure smoother onboarding for both your customers and staff.

Is Collar secure?

In short, Yes! Collar's infrastructure was designed and developed with privacy and security in mind from day one. All data collected and processed is encrypted and no personal data or activity of our users is tracked or shared with any third party. All requests are secured with SSL encryption over a proxy tunnel. All payment processing is handled by our partner Stripe, audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. Visit this link to learn more about Stripe's security

Does Collar support services and products simultaneously?

Yes! Collar has been specifically designed to handle and support a combination of booking and order management simultaneously. Our modular system can be specifically adapted to your business needs to support you whether you’re providing a service, product or both at the same time.

Does Collar protect my brand and business against unfair competition?

Collar adopts rigorous quality and commercial strategy checks to ensure all providers, products and services on the platform are genuine. Our team work closely with each provider individually to define the best positioning for their products and services based on the demands and trends of the marketplace.

I am a Vet, can Collar support my practice’s operations?

Absolutely! Collar has been designed to support all veterinarian operations to fit with the modern trends and our user's habits. We have created a dedicated module specifically designed for and restricted to the use of vets. We’ve designed Collar to be used in conjunction with and to enhance vet practice operations not to replace them.

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