Grow your business on Collar, the first data-driven, pet-only marketplace.

Collar is the first pet-focused marketplace and platform offering pet service providers and product sellers bespoke tools to support them manage and grow their business. 

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Designed For

Everything Pet.







Accessories Brands.

Boarding Hotels.

Food Brands.


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Booking System

A modular booking system that grows with your business needs.

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Order Management

An extensive order management system that adapts to your resources.

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Customer Engagement

Chat with current and prospect customers easily and securely.


Real-time Pet Data

Access highly targeted realt-time pet data informing your currrent and future business. 

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Payment Processing

Securely accept payments into your business account instantaneously.


Marketing Platform

The most effecient granular marketing platform delivering 100% targeted reach.

Your store.
Your branding.
Our technology.

Collar business platform is designed to champion your brand and support its growth. Our app is designed to give your brand, colours, products and services full exposure, delivering a rich mobile shopping experience that keeps your brand top of mind and promotes it to your ideal customer.

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Reach an ever-growing market of highly engaged pet parents.

Collar takes care of growing the market for you so you can focus on perfecting your services and products. Our app offers pet parents bespoke proprietary smart health, wellness & social features that support and reward them for their engagement.

Define your pet target market by criteria no other platform offers.

Collar’s cutting-edge technology allows you to promote your products and services only to the pets they’re designed for. Target pets by breed, age, diet, behaviour, location and much more; ensuring your marketing and operational resources are efficiently put to play.

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Tap into the power of granular, insightful and anonymous pet data. Never their parents.

Unlike other platforms, Collar does not track or share any personal data or activity belonging to our users: the pet parents. We deliver encrypted and anonymised pet data relevant to your current and future business, all while safeguarding our user’s privacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Collar secure?

In short, Yes! Collar's infrastructure was designed and developed with privacy and security in mind from day one. All data collected and processed is encrypted and no personal data or activity of our users is tracked or shared with any third party. All requests are secured with SSL encryption over a proxy tunnel. All payment processing is handled by our partner Stripe, audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. Visit this link to learn more about Stripe's security

Does Collar support services and products simultaneously?

Yes! Collar has been specifically designed to handle and support a combination of booking and order management simultaneously. Our modular system can be specifically adapted to your business needs to support you whether you’re providing a service, product or both at the same time.

Does Collar protect my brand and business against unfair competition?

Collar adopts rigorous quality and commercial strategy checks to ensure all providers, products and services on the platform are genuine. Our team work closely with each provider individually to define the best positioning for their products and services based on the demands and trends of the marketplace.

I am a Vet, can Collar support my practice’s operations?

Absolutely! Collar has been designed to support all veterinarian operations to fit with the modern trends and our user's habits. We have created a dedicated module specifically designed for and restricted to the use of vets. We’ve designed Collar to be used in conjunction with and to enhance vet practice operations not to replace them.