A Solid Solution.
Flexible Pricing.


For solo operators offering one type of pet service
/ m
1 Business User License
1 Service Category


For larger operations with multiple sites, team members or pet service offerings
/ m
6 Business User Licenses
Up to 3 Service Categories

No payment method required during the trial. Cancel Anytime.





Services, Products & Memberships
Service Categories
Service listings per category
Single-Slot Services
Workshops & Courses
Memberships upgrades and downgrades
Pause Memberships
Adjust Membership price
Boarding Services
General Boarding Capacity
Per/Kennel Boarding Capacity & Availability
Boarding Seasonal Pricing (Soon)
Boarding Demand Pricing (Soon)
Bundles & Prepaid Packages
Discounts & Vouchers
Service Add-on & Variations
Up to 3 per service
Up to 6 per service
Booking Rules for Services
Controlled Booking Flows (Soon)
Repeated & Multiple Bookings
Variable Pricing & Pricing Rules
Set Minimum booking notice or Starting Date per service
Capacity Management per service
Service Description & Photos
Ability to generate and share service reports with pet owners
Pricing Tiers
Discount Rules (Multi-Pet & Order total Dependent)
Membership-Only Services
Ability to generate and share service reports with pet owners
Sell Products Online and/or on location (Requires Retail Module)
Products Listings
Product Variations
Up to 3 /Product
Up to 6 /Product
POS Card Machine (Sold Seperately)
Product Stock Management
Unique web link per service
Create a white or black list of customers per service (soon)
Custom Cancellation and Rescheduling rules per service
Booking & Scheduling
Branded Booking Widget/Portal
Accept bookings on your branded widget and the Collar mobile App
Automated Booking confrimation
Manual booking confirmation (booking requests)
Ability to book repeating or recurring booking on behalf of clients
Booking Rescheduling
Multi-Booking Management
Single-Service Schedules
Multi-Service Schedules & Availibility
Staff Schedules & Availability
Manually or automatically assign services to staff members
Create bookings on behalf of registered clients
Automatic management of capacity and availaibility for services or staff
Waiting List for Booking Requests
Ability to add single or multiple notes to bookings
Booking Tags
Up to 5 tags
Up to 15 Tags
Up to 50
Payment, Billing & Invoicing
Free Service Listing
Prepaid Services
Payment adjustment before final charge
Postpaid Service
Invoice in Arrears
Invoice in Advance
Automated Invoice Generation
Single-Click Invoice charge for customers with payment method on file
Branded Email Invoices
Ability to settle invoices in-app
Ability to save payment method on file for repeated billing & charges
Custom billing cycles for automated invoice Generation with a set invoicing date
Daily, Weekly or Monthly
Ability to Adjust invoicing date per client or group of clients
Issue Full & Partial Refunds
Detailed Financial, Billing & Invoicing Views
Detailed Payout View
Ability to export Invoices & Payout Reports
Price adjustment for existing bookings for a single or multiple clients
Automatic handling of 3DS authentications and rejected payment methods
Custom Payment Methods (Subject to market availability & approval)
Accept Card Payments (Domestic Visa & Master Card)
Accept Apple & Google Pay
Transaction fees
5.5% + AED1.00
4.5% + AED1.00
3.0% + AED1.00
Communications & Reminders
Unlimited in-app chat between business and pet owner
Ability to send Photos in chat
Ability to send Videos in chat
Ability to send service report in-chat
Automated messages & emails based on pre-set rules
Email campaigns & Newsletters (Soon)
100 Recipients
400 Recipients
Automatic reminders for key events including upcoming bookings and Expired Vaccines
Bulk Messaging to pre-set groups or selected clients
Staff to Staff Chat (Soon)
Messages Broadcast & Anncoucements
Create chat groups with Multiple Clients
Automatic Transactional Emails for Bookings Confirmation, Reminders, Cancellation and Rescheduling
Booking reminders delivered in-app and by email
Pet & Client Data Management
Create & Edit Pet Profiles
Create & Edit Client accounts
Create & edit Pet Vaccination and treatment records
Create Bookings onbehalf of clients
Create orders on behalf of clients
Create Membership subscriptions on behalf of clients
Detailed Pet profiles including medical conditions, behaviour & diet
Client account view with bookings, orders, subscription and invoice history
Pet Birthday Notification
Vaccination or Treatment Expiry notification
Pet Tags
Up to 5 tags
Up to 15 Tags
Up to 50
Client Tags
Up to 5 tags
Up to 15 Tags
Up to 50
Data Migration
AED250 One-Time-Fee
Operations, Automation & Integrations
Add automations to tags to create a series of actions based on a set of rules
Filter bookings by tag, Service, Staff Member & Date
Search bookings by name, pet name, email address, service name & booking number
Filter pets by tag, treatment status, vaccination status, Age, Breed + 12 more variables
Xero Integration (Soon)
Google Analytics Integration
Google Calendar Integration
Mobile App for Business Users
Forms & Service Reports
Generate service reports using our preset templates or your own, delivered in-app or by email
Create forms with pre-set questions from 9 question categories
1 Form
3 Forms
8 Forms
Extra Staff License
Retail Module
Video Module
Extra Campaign Recipients
AED30 / 50 Recipeints
AED30 / 50 Recipients
Training & Support
Live Chat & Email Support
Service Setup & Advisory
1 Session / Month
1 Session / Month
Up to 3 Sessions /Monthly
Staff Training
1 Session / Month
Up to 2 Sessions /Monthly
Up to 4 Sessions /Monthly
Data security & service reliability
99.97% service uptime across our core service and micro services and lighting-fast load times
Double-layer end-to-end data encryption across payments and communications
Automatic backing up of data for every transaction for the past 14 days.
HIPAA and GDPR compliance
Training and account support is available across all tiers form 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, 7 days a week.
You may upgrade tiers at any time and you'll only be charged for the additional price of the new plan pro-rata.
We have been impressed by Collar from day one” 
Our business model requires a variety of ways in which customers can book our different services. Not only is the team approachable, prompt and knowledgable, but they have also devised a platform that understands the needs of our hybrid business."
Hannah Mead
Business Owner
Our bespoke platform within the app transformed the way we work.
Collar has created a simple and effective platform for us to easily connect with our clients, send out veterinary reports and make automated charges for our services."
Dr. Martin Cameron Clarke 
Chief Vet & Business Owner
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Is Collar secure?

In short, Yes! Collar's infrastructure was designed and developed with privacy and security in mind from day one. All data collected and processed is encrypted and no personal data or activity of our users is tracked or shared with any third party. All requests are secured with SSL encryption over a proxy tunnel. All payment processing is handled by our partner Stripe, audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. Visit this link to learn more about Stripe's security

Does Collar support services and products simultaneously?

Yes! Collar has been specifically designed to handle and support a combination of booking and order management simultaneously. Our modular system can be specifically adapted to your business needs to support you whether you’re providing a service, product or both at the same time.

Does Collar protect my brand and business against unfair competition?

Collar adopts rigorous quality and commercial strategy checks to ensure all providers, products and services on the platform are genuine. Our team work closely with each provider individually to define the best positioning for their products and services based on the demands and trends of the marketplace.

I am a Vet, can Collar support my practice’s operations?

Absolutely! Collar has been designed to support all veterinarian operations to fit with the modern trends and our user's habits. We have created a dedicated module specifically designed for and restricted to the use of vets. We’ve designed Collar to be used in conjunction with and to enhance vet practice operations not to replace them.

Join industry-leading pet businesses pushing boundaries and shaping pet care with Collar.